Director of Science Federica Di Palma appointed to Colombia’s “International Mission of Experts”

On 8 February Colombia’s new President Iván Duque launched an initiative known as the Misión Internacional de Sabios (International Mission of Experts).

This group consists of 43 leading scientists, academics and intellectuals from across the globe, including Earlham Institute’s Director of Science, Federica Di Palma.

Over the next ten months the Misión will be tasked with recommending proposals in education, science, technology and innovation policy to inform a road map linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that will be incorporated into Colombia’s next National Development Plan.

At the launch event, President Iván Duque said:

This group of experts, of prodigious minds, who have gathered today and will provide us with their conclusions over the next several months, is a symbol of unity in a country that is thinking big. Knowledge is the cornerstone that shapes a new society and a new humanity.

The appointment of Professor Di Palma to this group of esteemed experts reflects the important and successful work that she has been leading in Colombia.

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